If you plan to go SKIING in Japan

There are many Ski resort in Japan.
If you plan to go skiing, please remember these tips(^^).
1. Please BUY FOOD from outside before you visit resort.
There are restaurants and shops but it’s difficult to find food
which we can eat.
(Usually, most of the dishes contain meat.)
2. Free space is available in each resort and
you can eat lunch there without using the restaurant.
3. Locker room is available but no privacy and it’s very crowded
on high season.
If you care about it, please use
a) hotel room where you stay
b) train station (ex. Tokyo)
c) Service area of the expressway
4. Public foot bath(hot spring) is available in some resort
or near resort. (ex, HAKUBA, YUZAWA)
You just take off your socks and enjoy it.
It’s very nice to warm your frozen body.
Please search “public foot bath” before you visit.