What to do in a state of emergency?

People living in Japan have vivid memories about the Kumamoto earthquake.
Not only earthquake but also there were news about a landslide
and flooding due to typhoon and heavy rain. Life as we know it has totally changed since then.

If a natural disaster should happen. What should you do?

Knowing about where to seek refuge is important when dealing with the emergency situation.
When you have to escape from your house, but you don’t wear anything and don’t wear Hijab.
What will you do? Where do you escape to?

There are some restrictions at shelters.
In regards to food, they might only have halam meals in a shelter.
What will you do? How do you contact with your family and friends?
And also, it is hard to have privacy in a shelter. How will you live in the shelter?

Let’s think about all of these things as Muslims.
Let’s talk with your family, friends and imam about them.
Then your anxiety will disappear. The important thing is you have a plan of action.
If you have to know what to do, you won’t panic and it will save your life.

In a shelter, rations and meals outdoors will be served.
Usually, the meal will be cup noodles, Onigiri (a rice ball),
curry and rice, sandwich and Tonjiru (pork miso soup).

You want to eat a meal without pork and beef, but you might not have a choice.
Also a great number of people live together in the shelter, so you have to sleep next to someone.
Some shelters have no privacy to change clothes.
In case of emergency, everybody may panic and the local government might not work effectively.
So, it is important you have to make decisions and try to handle the situation by yourself.

Not only during a disaster.
Do you know the emergency call numbers like 110 (police station) and 119 (fire station)?
If you are sick at night what would you do?
If you have trouble with electricity and gas, how would you handle it?
There are many things to live safely in another country.

Our webpage has a links section “For your safety” that may be of use in an emergency situation.


On a final note, we want to share a message with Japanese people.
Please help foreigners when they are in trouble,
because they might not be able to speak Japanese and may not know the culture.

If you don’t know their language, it is good to communicate using a gesture.
In the midst of chaos, they may be consumed with anxiety. Also they might be in danger.
So, please talk to them. It will make them feel more relieved and at peace.