Message to Muslims & Muslimahs


For all Muslims and Muslimahs who is living in Japan and is visiting Japan

We start “Crossbridge” project in 2016.

Concept is Make cross bridge between Islam and Japan.

There are many differences between Islam and Japanese culture, customs.
We know sometime it makes us confuse and feel difficult.

Information sites about HALAL and muslim friendly are increasing now a days
alhamdlillah, but it’s still less.

Thus,we would like to support your comfortable life in Japan
by offering information, tips (entertainment, education, medication, manners, customs…etc), Q&A.

Also, I will write my experience living in Japan as “Japanese muslima”.
I think this will help Japanese to understand what we need and what we feel difficult.

Please check English articles to find what you need to know.


Our special services for Muslims

Consulting for Muslims starting business in Japan
We support Muslims who are starting business in Japan.
We saw many Muslims manage Indian food (curry) restaurants, kabab shops, halal shops and trading company but feel very few persons who has Japanese viewpoint and knowledge of marketing in Japan. Do you know why Japanese don’t use Halal shops?
If you need business consultant or services/products producer, please contact us.
(Muslimah san WELCOME!!)
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For Muslims and Muslimahs from Crossbridge

>> Consulting for Muslims who want to start business in Japan
>> Information about Japanese life etc





If you need more information about Japanese customs and culture (ex. education systems, area community),
please write your request and send us as your voice!